How to Increase Landlord and Contractor Participation in a Grant Program

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Kate Kirkwood, K Kirkwood Consulting
Kate Kirkwood, K Kirkwood Consulting

Kate Kirkwood is the mother of four. She lives in New Hampshire and holds several national and state lead certifications, She is an entrepreneur and worked as a college business professor and general business consultant for 30 years. After a child died of lead poisoning in her State, she formed an educational company called LEAD-EDU through which she offers training and certification, for contractors, landlords, real estate agents, investors and parents.

Her childrens book “Skylar Learns About Lead Poisoning”, is available on Amazon, as well as “A Parent’s 5 Step Guide To Lead Poisoning”, which is the first in a series called “Lead Paint Clear and Simple”. Upcoming books will include “A Contractor’s 5 Step Guide To Lead Poisoning“, “A Landlord’s 5 Step Guide To Lead Poisoning“, “A Realtor’s 5 Step Guide To Lead Poisoning” and “An Investor’s 5 Step Guide To Lead Poisoning“.

We have an epidemic with hundreds of thousands of kids getting poisoned every year in the US. Kate believes the solution to this problem is not complex regulations but rather simple information and caring citizens.

Kate is available through video and live presentations to help your audience understand how lead paint can affect them, their home, their work and their children. Her Tedx talk “Why We Should Worry About Lead Poisoning in a NEW Homes” is available on ted.com https://www.ted.com/search?q=Kate+Kirkwood

Phone: 603-781-4304

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