Unhealthy Homes: Common Problems and Corrective Actions, Recommendations and Requirements. Part 3 On Mold

Presented by:

Tom Laubenthal, the Environmental Institute, ATC Group Services, LLC

About The Presenter(s)

Thomas G. Laubenthal
Training Supervisor & Technical Chief
The Environmental Institute
(A Div. of ATC Group Services, LLC)
1395 South Marietta Parkway
Building 100, Suite 124
Marietta GA 30062

Thomas Laubenthal

The Environmental Institute

Mr. Laubenthal serves as the Training Supervisor & Technical Chief for The Environmental Institute (TEI) in Marietta, Georgia. He has 36 years of industry service and is considered a nationally recognized subject matter expert within the asbestos and lead-based paint control industries. He has been a fulltime employee with TEI since 2004. He has been in the training industry for 36 years and is considered a national subject expert in asbestos and lead-based paint issues. He has also provided expertise to regulatory agencies (EPA, NIOSH and NIST) providing expert input and peer review to agency activities and documents. Responsibilities with TEI include:

• Responsible for researching regulatory issues and industry trends with an emphasis on the asbestos, health & safety and lead-based paint detection and control industries.
• Work with ATC staff, TEI’s clients, the general public and a wide variety of Federal and State regulators to provide an ongoing flow of information in this area; electronically, in print and via a variety of professional local and national conference presentations. He has 54 published articles.
• Develop and maintain a variety of training programs with an emphasis on asbestos, safety and lead-based paint issues.
• Provide specialty consulting services on asbestos regulatory matters to public and private entities.

As the Technical Chief/Training Supervisor of TEI, Mr. Laubenthal is responsible for developing, directing and lecturing in dozens of environmental related training courses, including

• Initial Asbestos Inspector, Management Planner, Supervisor, Designer, O&M, Awareness and all associated refresher courses;
• Asbestos NESHAP Inspection and Safety Procedures Course (APTI 350);
• Initial Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor, Supervisor and Awareness  and related refresher courses;
• Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting course;
• NIOSH 582 Equivalent (Air Sampling and Analysis);
• OSHA: Control of Respirable Silica Dust;
• Developed Asbestos Awareness Training for numerous private and public entities
• He has also directed and instructed numerous asbestos, lead-based paint and other environmental related training courses throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean

In addition to work with TEI, Mr. Laubenthal has significant leadership roles in industry and currently serves on a number of industry associations boards:

• The Environmental Information Association
Past National President, Past President’s Emeritus Board and recipient of the Snyder Lifetime Achievement Award and various other service awards.

• The Lead Environmental Hazards Association
Board member

• Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
Technical Advisory Committee Board Member

• Georgia Department of Health; Healthy Homes Group
Board Member

He is also an active member of ASTM International and is the manager of two work practice standards:

• ASTM E-2356: Standard Practice for Comprehensive Building Asbestos Surveys

• ASTM E-1368: Standard Practice for Visual Inspection of Asbestos Abatement Projects

He has served as a Technical Expert for National Institute for Standards and Technology’s National Voluntary Accreditation Program (NIST/NVLAP) asbestos analysis laboratory accreditation program for 32 years.

He received his B.S. in Geology from Georgia State University.

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