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How to Communicate With Your Local Policy Makers on Healthy HousingAnthony Santiago, National Lead of Cities2/22/202110:00 AM
Home Safe Home: Foundations in Home Injury PreventionWendy Shields, Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy2/22/202110:30 AM
Preliminary Findings on Lead-based Paint Hazards from The American Healthy Homes Survey IIPeter Ashley, HUD Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes2/22/202111:15 AM
How and Why Community Health Workers (CHWs) Should be Brought into Lead Poisoning Prevention "Ecosystem"Elyse Pivnick, Isles Organization2/22/20212:00 PM
Elements of a Community Health Workers (CHWs) Lead Training CourseEmily Puskar, Isles Organization2/22/20212:45 PM
Improving Policy by Improving Practice: Solving the Problem of Lead Exposure in U.S. ChildrenChristina Sobin, The University of Texas at El Paso2/22/20213:00 PM
Healthy Housing Policy Opportunities in the New Administration and CongressPanel Discussion2/22/20214:00 PM
Protecting Field Staff from the Spread of Bed BugsJenna Heiar, Cerro Gordo County, IA Public Health2/23/202110:00 AM
Emerging Healthy Homes Issues and Educational ResourcesMegan Hughes and Neasha Graves, University of North Carolina Institute for the Environment2/23/202111:00 AM
Increasing Contractor Participation in the Grant ProgramsKate Kirkwood, K Kirkwood Consulting2/23/20212:00 PM
Increasing Property Owner Participation in the Grant ProgramsKate Kirkwood, K Kirkwood Consulting2/23/20213:00 PM
Regulated Waste vs. Hazardous Waste vs. Construction Debris and Household WasteMichael Sharp, Director of Training HMS/FACS, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services2/23/20214:00 PM
Making a Healthy Homes Partnership Work in Your CommunityKandace Fisher and Michael Goldschmidt, University of Missouri Extension2/24/202110:00 AM
Radon Testing and Mitigation in Affordable HousingCarolina Gomez, Don King and Shalynn Robinette, Home Forward Organization2/24/202111:00 AM
Healthy Homes Guides and Smartphone App for Tribal CommunitiesKandace Fisher and Michael Goldschmidt, University of Missouri Extension2/24/202111:15 AM
Interview: Dealing with Cold Weather Related Problems in the HomeKate Kirkwood, K Kirkwood Consulting, Michael Sharp, Director of Training HMS/FACS, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services2/24/20211:15 PM
Research Findings on the Use of Aerosol Foggers vs. Baits for Roach ControlCoby Schal, North Carolina State University2/24/20212:00 PM
Reducing Asthma Triggers in the Home through Cockroach Control MeasuresCoby Schal, North Carolina State University2/24/20213:00 PM
Child Housing Assessment for a Safe Environment: A New Tool for Injury Prevention Inside the HomeWendy Shields, Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy, and Hector Moreno, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative2/24/20214:00 PM
Healthy Housing Advocacy 101Darcy Scott and Sarah Goodwin, National Center for Healthy Housing2/25/202110:00 AM
Update on Lead in Drinking WaterTom Neltner, Environmental Defense Fund2/25/202111:00 AM
Making a Home Lead Safe: A Look at Some State and Federal InitiativesRepresentatives from the Maryland Dept of the Environment, HUD and EPA2/25/202112:00 PM
Campaigning for Clean Air: A Community-based Approach on Advocating for Local Smoke-free Multi-unit HousingKari Hess, Health Education Council2/25/20212:00 PM
OSHA Compliance for Hazard Reduction/EliminationMichael Sharp, Director of Training HMS/FACS, Forensic Analytical Consulting Services2/25/20213:00 PM
Lead in Pregnancy: A Case StudyOlga Apt-Dudfield and Joann Mercedes, Children's Hospital at Montefiore2/25/20213:45 PM
Reducing Pest Infestations and Associated Health Hazards in HomesChanglu Wang, Rutgers University2/25/20214:15 PM
Strengths of Home-Embedded Community Health Workers as the Policy Mechanism for Removing the Social Barriers to HealthDaniel Price, University of Houston, Community Health Worker Initiative2/26/202110:00 AM
Protecting Children's Health from Environmental Hazards Found in Child Care FacilitiesKathy Attar, Children's Environmental Health Network2/26/202111:00 AM
Assessing the Readability Levels of Lead Poisoning Informational MaterialsHarriet Okatch, Public Health Program, Franklin & Marshall College2/26/20211:00 PM
Update on HUD Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy HomesPeter Ashley and Warren Friedman, HUD Office of LHCHH2/26/20212:00 PM
Thirdhand Smoke Residue: An Overlooked Source of Lead in Settled House DustGeorg Matt, San Diego State University2/26/20213:00 PM
Is the Edition of a Home-based Environmental Intervention to an In-clinic Asthma Protocol Worth the Effort?Winfred J. Hamilton, PhD, SM, Rebecca J. Bruhl, DrPH, MPH, MEM, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX2/26/20214:00 PM

* Schedule subject to change

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